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Telegram advertising- How to Advertise on Telegram [Telega.io]

that telegram advertising is far better than any other advertising and cheaper as well. Telega.io has a very good interface that helps you go on Telegram as well as monetize the Telegram.

Telegram Advertising: Telegram is one of the fastest-growing messaging services which is not only used for messaging but rather used by large masses for business and earning their livelihood. The support of channels, groups & bots in Telegram brings unlimited possibilities. Users around the globe are using Telegram services for gaining subscribers, building business, connecting audiences, and whatnot.

If you want to grow on Telegram then your channel, groups, or bots must come in front of a large audience. A large audience means higher chances of conversions i.e ultimately more users end up buying your services. But the big question here is how to grow on Telegram. Organic growth is one of the best methods to grow for free but that is also the slowest method to grow and that requires a lot of hard work and patience.

But if you want to grow on telegram with a fast pace and minimum effort then Telega.io is one of the best Telegram advertising platforms available right now. Telegram also has its dedicated platform but that is still in the development phase and very limited targeting is possible.

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What is Telega.io?

Telega.io is a well-developed highly targeted advertising platform specially developed for telegram. Here on this website, there is a huge catalog of Telegram channels, bots, and groups. This website act as a two-way system where you can be an advertiser or get an advertisement on the Telegram channel.

Run advertisement on Telega.io: Telegram Advertising

Telegram Advertising
source: telega.io
  1. First of all, sign up on Telega.io using any email ID
  2. Then go to the “services” and select the catalog of channels, groups & bots. From there you can choose the suitable channel, group, or bot to promote.
  3. Once you have selected the proper channel/group/bot where you want your promotion then you need to top up the balance to your wallet.
  4. Wallet top-up can be done with all possible payment methods. Even though there is support for cryptocurrency too so, it becomes very convenient for everyone.

    Note: The good part is that they have special support for Indian banks
  5. Next, you have to create an ad campaign where uh you can put your images/videos along with descriptions and links. The ad campaign preview will be visible before approval so you can see what your ads going to look like.
  6. The channel owner Publishers your ad post then you can get the link to check ad performance.
  7. And at the end, you can download your ad report which makes everything very partial.

You can check out the below video for everything in detail 👇👇👇

Add your channel on Telega.io: Telegram Advertising

As I have already mentioned before not only you can run advertisements on other channels but you can also run advertisements on your channel to earn or monetize your channel. This is very much interesting cause there is no other platform that brings advertisements for you without any effort. So here is how you can add your channel/groups/bots to telega.io.

Telegram Advertising

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  1. Go to profile and tap on “My channels and chats”
  2. Tap on “add channel” button on the top right corner
Telegram Advertising

3. Then fill in all the basic details about the Telegram channel or group, such as channel name, channel title, description, ad format, amount per ad, etc.

4. Now submit the channel for moderation. Within 48 hours your channel will be approved if the channel is a 3-month-old and has more than 1000 subscribers.

Note: Channel should be a minimum 3-month-old and has more than 1000 subscribers.

5. Now if anyone wants to request add on your channel then you will receive a notification on their official Telegram bot (@telega_adv_bot).

6. And once you approved the advertisement, it will be posted on your channel, and the advertising amount will be credited to your wallet.

7. Once the advertising amount reaches the threshold of > $20 then you can easily withdraw it through almost all payment methods.

8. After withdrawal request the amount will be credited within 48 hours

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Note: For Indian users, they have support from domestic banks so you can withdraw the amount without any deductions. Isn’t it cool!!

There is s very detailed video which will make everything very clear. You can check out this video down below.

Become an affiliate partner-Referral program

Telega.io brings one of the most exciting affiliate programs apart from Telegram advertising. You can earn 3.9% from each successful advertiser’s advertising campaign. You can get your affiliate link from here and share it with your circle. Once anyone buys an advertisement you will receive 3.9% of the amount paid for a lifetime.

I have personally earned a good amount of commission from this affiliate program and will continue to earn in the future, as well as long as this company exists. If you have decided to sign up on this website then you can join through my affiliate link which will help and support me to continue drinking such kinds of articles.

Sign up on Teleg.io: telega.io?r=JWX-drua

Final Words: Telegram Advertising

This is by far the best Telegram advertising platform delicately for telegram. And I personally believe that telegram advertising is far better than any other advertising and cheaper as well. Telega.io has a very good interface that helps you go on Telegram as well as monetize the Telegram.

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