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Telegram Update Brings Pinned Messages 2.0, Improved Live Locations, Playlists and More

Telegram is the closest rival of WhatsApp with 400 million-plus downloads on the play store. Like every update, Telegram brings something very unique which seems like never done before. This app is a full-grown business cum personal instant messaging application. With the ever-growing craze of privacy, Telegram is the best option. The support of telegram channels, groups & in-app bots is just beyond everything.

With this new update, Telegram has brought some minor and some major improvements. The major highlight is pinned messages 2.0, improved live locations & playlists.

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Features of Telegram Update Oct 2020

1. Multiple Pinned Messages

If you run an engaging telegram channel or group then you must have thought of pinning multiple messages. And now with this update, each chat now supports multiple pinned messages. To jump between them, simply tap the top bar several times – or use the new button at the right to access all pinned messages on a separate page.

Telegram Update

In addition to channels and groups, pinned messages now work in one-on-one chats, and this is really something very interesting. This can be very much helpful sometimes such as shopping lists or something very important.

2. Improved Live Locations

telegram update

Live location 2.0 has brought some very cool & useful features. When friends share their live location, you can set up an alert that will notify you when they’re close. You can manually set up the minimum distance for the alert. Your device will literally vibrate whenever your friend is in the range. Not only that this new Telegram update has made the live location 2.0 so effective that you can actually see the direction of your friend.

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3. Improved Playlists

telegram update

When you send multiple songs at the same time, they’ll be arranged together in a playlist – easier to play, forward, or comment on. Opening one of the songs will queue them all up in Telegram’s built-in media player.

Also, all media will be arranged in the same chat bubble. just like with photo albums, you can always select each file or track individually.

4. Channel Post Statistics

channel statistics

Channel statistics are no doubt a very useful feature that any channel or group owner can see after completing min 500 subscribers. With this telegram update, in addition to channel statistics, you can view stats for individual posts in your channel – including a list of public channels to which your post was forwarded.

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5. Sleek New Animations on Android

Telegram developers keep on adding sleek animations. This time animation has been added for sending messages and switching songs in the music player.

Also on Android: when viewing a photo you’ve received, you can edit and send it back right away, skipping the download-upload ritual. Just tap the brush button when viewing a photo to quickly mark a spot with an X, or put skull stickers on faces.

6. New Emojis

Like every Telegram update, this time also some new emojis has been added for you to enjoy. “Jackpot” is a new addition to the collection, in case you missed it, this also works for 🎲🏀⚽️ and 🎯. Just type jackpot in the chatbox, you will get a slot machine emoji suggestion which you can apply to get animated jackpot with random results.

new telegram emojis

With the collection of animated emojis Telegram has animated an even more number of emojis. To get one of these 👇 in a chat, simply send a message with a single emoji. When viewing animated emoji for ⚰️ or 🎃, tap on them for an extra thrill.

Final Words

The newer version of the Telegram update is already delivered for androidwindows, and iOS users. If you haven’t updated then make sure to update it as soon as possible. If you want to learn about telegram bots here is the article for you.

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