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Top 10 best AI websites to use in 2023

AI stands for “Artificial Intelligence” which is a concept that can really reduce human efforts. AI will assist in tasks that would otherwise require human effort- saving time for everyone. Although we’re extensively using AI, such as Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri, there are more that you can explore through the best AI websites out there.

You’ve probably heard of the recent AI websites that went big on social media. These AI-powered websites can do a number of things, including turning text into pictures or paintings, removing items from your images, adding subtitles to movies, and much more. If you want to learn more, read the page below. The advantages of adopting AI are enormous.

Best AI websites to try in 2023

1. Talk To Books

This is an experimental feature launched by Google books where you can search any text query and this AI will find relevant books related to that. As we all know that Google books have millions of books collections and the AI will find exact related text from the books. So this is a must-have book for literature or books worms.

As you scroll down there are over 100,000 book samples with relevant phrases which can match your mood and feel.

This AI is trying to become a replica of your book-lover friend whom you seek for good books according to your mood and context. This is one of the best AI websites to try.

best AI websites

Check it out:

2. Remove.bg

best AI websites
source: remove.bg

This website can remove the background from any image absolutely free of cost. You can directly upload your image or paste the image URL. And in the following steps, it will automatically remove the background of the image. It removes the background 100% automatically in 5 seconds with just one click.

Thanks to remove.bg’s clever AI, you can slash editing time – and have more fun!

No matter if you want to make a background transparent (PNG) or add a white background to a photo – you can do all this and more with remove.bg.

best AI websites
source: remove.bg

This is the best alternative for those who don’t want to use professional software such as Photoshop, Canva, etc. If you are a graphic designer or a product designer, this too is going to save you a lot of time. The best part is that it is absolutely free to use in 720p resolution with no limit on the number of copies.

Check it out:

3. Rytr

It is not always easy to write something interesting on every topic. We all struggle to write something for our projects, social media posts, or blog articles. Thankfully, this AI can act as your writing assistant.

best AI websites

With Rytr, you get a lot of choices for your writing inspiration. You can pick your favorite language, use case, interface, and even the tone in which you want the text to be written. Additionally, you can also choose different topics and genres to get writing inspiration. There are some advanced options also which give you the immense possibility.

Overall using this AI tool you get a framework to write on any topic. Of course, this tool works on a certain level of permutation and combination. But somehow it will bring something new that you can edit according to your need.

Check it out:

4. Craiyon

Recent social media posts have seen a boom in the use of text-to-image converters or tools that draw images based on a phrase. Thanks to the Instagram and Facebook videos that have popularized the use of this AI tool.

This website has been developed by Boris Dayma, a machine learning engineer from Houston. The concept of this AI is simple where you have to type a phrase, and it will try to draw the image based on your query text.

Basically, it uses the images present on the internet and popularizes them to give you the desired result. Since it uses copyright-protected images without giving any credit to the owner, some outrage has been raised by many creators around the globe.

best AI websites
best AI websites

Like other AI tools, this is also not perfect and sometimes gives a very generic and vague result. One of the images shows the search result of “Hanuman with Trishul,” which, as you can see, is very vague, and obviously, I am not satisfied. Whereas in the second image, I searched “cat on mars,” which gave quite a good result.

Check it out:

5. Magic Eraser

best AI websites

There are times when you take a beautiful picture, but a stray dog ruins the entire thing. Therefore, you may use this AI to eliminate any undesired objects from your image rather than scrapping it.

Users must upload an image, indicate the area that has to be eliminated, and then get the edited version of the image. It is a 100% free AI tool that has no login requirements and has no picture count limit. Despite providing paid subscriptions for image export in higher resolution.

Check it out:

6. Big Speak

best AI websites

You can use the Big Speak AI tool to convert your text into a lifelike voice. This is one of the best AIs, and it has greatly aided me in producing material. It makes use of a variety of machine learning techniques and is powered by Streams.live to produce the greatest voice generation technology.

This is free to use up to 300 characters, and more than 1000 characters if you create a login profile. Currently, there are only a few languages available, such as English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, & Japanese. Using this AI tool, you can also transcribe in different languages.

Check it out:

7. QuillBot

best AI websites
Source: quillbot.com

If you wish to draft an article, email, or social media post but find it difficult to put words together or cannot create complete phrases. Then you should search at this as one of the top AI tools. Although Spinnybot is a paraphrase bot, it differs significantly from other paraphrasing tools on the market because it brings life into your writings using cutting-edge state of art technology.

The free features offered by Quillbot are more than adequate. This AI program has paraphrased every sentence in this article as you read it. It is even easier to use because it offers extensions for Chrome and other programs. You should check out this tool if you enjoy writing.

Check it out:

8. The Person Does Not Exist

The ability of AI to create visuals of non-existent, non-alive humans is quite amazing. The AI makes use of real “FAKE PEOPLE” created by the GAN (Generative Adversarial Network). You can refresh the page and verify the website, every time you refresh the website it will show you a new face that is non-existent. In 5 seconds, it creates a false impression of nonexistent people.

This is very interesting but I don’t think it is very useful. Although you can use these images in your content to avoid any kind of copyright issue.

9. Icons 8 Upscaler

This website gives customers the option to employ AI technology to sharpen and boost the size of their images by up to 8 times. If you have a photo that you like but isn’t quite up to par, you can sharpen and clarify it.

Just hop on to the website and upload the image which you want to upscale. There is no requirement to register, and usage is now totally free. I gave it a try with a low-quality image, and the outcome was commendable.

Check it out:

10. AI Art Generator

An app called NightCafe Creator uses several AI art generation techniques. You may create a masterpiece out of your photo by using neural style transfer. You can produce art with text-to-image AI using nothing more than a text prompt.

You own your works, thus you are free to do whatever you want with them.

You may download the NightCafe Creator AI Art Generator app for free on Android and iOS devices by saving the link to your home screen.

Check it out:

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