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Top 10 Best Instagram Tricks You Should Try in 2020

As we all know that Instagram is one of the most popular and fastest-growing photo-sharing platform. As Facebook is getting boring, many users are shifting to Instagram, and the ban of Tik Tok has added the fuel. Instagram keeps on adding new features to cope up with the pace of technological change. What that means is that many of Instagram’s cool powers are hidden and most users have no idea how to access them. Well, we make this simple as we bring cool hidden Instagram Tricks which you must try in 2020.

Hidden Instagram Tricks in 2020

There are 3 kinds of living beings who use Instagram. First, those who only use Instagram for chatting second, those who use it for chatting as well as scrolling through feeds. And the third one is those who use Instagram for chatting, scrolling feeds and posting feeds as well. Well, these below will make your day if you are any of the three kinds.

1. Add Music to Instagram Stories

instagram tricks

Recently Instagram has introduced the add music to Instagram stories feature which is a much-sought feature. You can select from the collection of music from all regional and international languages and set it as your Instagram story.

Just select any photo & tap on the emoji icon and select the music button. Search music from their huge collection of songs from all genres and languages.

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2. Post Instagram Photos Directly to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and, More

If you run any pages on all social media platforms where you post the same content then, this Instagram trick is for you. You have this manually in past but now you can automate things by just linking Instagram to other social media platforms.

Instagram Tricks

To do this just go to any of your Instagram posts and click on 3 dots. You will get the option to “Post to Other Apps..“, then select and authorize the social media platforms which you want to use. As of now only Facebook, Twitter & Tumbler are available.

3. Use Multiple Instagram Accounts

This Instagram trick is very much useful for those who own more than one Instagram account or the same device is used for multiple Instagram login. Well in both cases either you have to frequently login-logout to access multiple accounts or use a clone app.

Instagram Tricks

Fortunately, you don’t have to do any of those instead you can use multiple accounts in the same Instagram app itself. Press and hold the profile button to access the “add account” option followed by login to a new account or create an account. This is how simple it is!!

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4. Reveal Chat Sent Time

Instagram doesn’t reveal chat timings for every message instead you can see only timing at the date change row. There could be several reasons for knowing the exact chkeeat timing.

Instagram Tricks

Normally this is hidden by general users but you can reveal it by a simple swipe left gesture. As long as you hold the gesture the timing window will be there. This is all best you can go!!

5. Schedule Posts

Most of the influencers use a third party scheduler app for Instagram scheduling. Third-party apps are always risky for your privacy and security. Well, you can officially schedule Instagram posts without any third-party application. But this method is not straightforward to use and you can’t use the Instagram app or instagram.com to directly schedule posts.

To start, you will log in to Facebook’s Creator Studio to use the free Instagram scheduler. You’ll see the accounts and pages you’re connected to with your Facebook account in Creator Studio immediately. If you haven’t connected your Instagram account, do so now.

Instagram Tricks

You will need to have either an Instagram Creator account or an Instagram Business account to connect your Instagram profile in Creator Studio. Once you have connected Instagram with Facebook you can see the Instagram tab.

There you can create a post from the button at the top left corner. After creating a post click on the arrow on the post now button at the bottom right. You will get three options one of them will be scheduled. There you can select the date and time for the post to be published.

6. Hide Activity Status

Like other messenger application, you can hide your activity status. Hiding activity status means your activity like “last seen”, “message seen”, “online status” etc. will not be visible to others.

Instagram Tricks

Like WhatsApp, if you are hiding your activity then you won’t be able to see others activity status. So it’s like privacy from both sides.

If you still like to enable this feature then go to Settings > Privacy > Activity Status > toggle off show activity status.

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7. Two-Factor Authentication

In this digital era each day millions of people are coming online. As you go online your privacy is lost and your data can be stolen anytime. So to make sure that you are safe it is advisable to add an extra layer of security.

Instagram Tricks

The two-factor authentication is available in most of the modern apps so how can Instagram be left behind. You can easily enable two-factor authentication, just go to Settings > Security > Two-Factor Authentication. There you get two ways of enabling two-factor authentication firstly app-based (google authenticator) and secondly text SMS based.

8. See the Login Activity

If you don’t know you can actually see your login status anytime anywhere. And the login status becomes very much useful when you what to confirm if someone has access to your account without your permission.

Instagram Tricks

To know the login status, just go to Settings > Security > Login Activity. You can see the last 8 days login data which basically shows the time, location & device through which Instagram was accessed. I personally like this Instagram tricks very much and frequently look into the login status.

9. Hide Status from Specific Person

There are times when you desperately want to post status but don’t want to show it to the specific person for whatever personal reasons. It was not available back then but after a recent update, you can hide a status from selected people in just one click.

Instagram Tricks

Just head over to the Settings > Privacy > Story > Hide story from and select the person you want to hide the story from. You can add as many people as you like from your follower’s lists.

10. Story Highlights and Story Archives

We all know that an Instagram story remails live for only 24 hours and then it automatically disappears.  However, in December 2017, Instagram introduced a new feature that automatically archives all your Stories after they expire.

Instagram Tricks

Story archive is by default disabled which you need to enable. Tap on the hamburger menu(≡) and go to the archive and then enable it. After that whenever you post a new story it will automatically be saved to the archive folder. Here you can access all your expired stories which you can view or share as a new story if you want to.

Instagram Tricks

With Story Archives, Instagram tricks also introduced a new Story Highlights feature which allows a user to share their most important stories on their profile page. To create a Story Highlight, visit the Profile page and then tap on the New Story Highlight button. Here, you will get an option to select Stories from your Stories Archives, which you can share on your profile. Remember that Stories Highlights are not removed after 24 hours and you will have to manually remove them.

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Final Words: Instagram Tips

The Instagram tricks which we have shows might or might not be new or interesting for everyone. There are always some hidden tricks that some of you might be using. So instead of hiding, you can share your tricks here in the comment section. If your trick is good enough to be featured then we will surely update your trick in the above article.

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