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10 best Telegram channel lists

Telegram messenger is unknown to the majority of the population around the world. In Asia, its presence is very minimal compared to other continents. Well, if you don’t know about Telegram ask someone who uses it, he won’t stop counting the benefits of using this messenger.

Telegram is a very, very powerful messenger app that includes all essential features any messenger app possesses. Apart from that, there are very advanced, unique features that make it way ahead than its competitors. One of the reasons behind this being an open-source, freelancer developer has the flexibility to modify and continuously improve the app.

Some of the features which I like are the unlimited cloud storage, telegram bots, unlimited group members, telegram channels, free calling, scheduled messages, reminders, custom cloud themes, privacy, silent messages,admin tiles and more. Considering switching to Telegram messenger, so you must read why switch to telegram. There are a lot more reasons, but let’s not dive into this. Today we are going to learn about the most useful and best telegram channel currently running in 2019.

Best telegram channels

1. Get Public Link bot

2. ViVi-MAXX

3. Science

4. Memes

5. IndiaFreeStuff

6. GKToday

7. BooksThief

8. Poetry

9. Just Wallpapers

10. Planet Earth

1. Get Public Link Bot

This is a telegram bot which converts all telegram link into public link, to make it download easier for larger files. Since in Telegram, you can share any data types of any size. So sometimes it happens that you want to download larger files, but the in-app downloader is very slow — Thats where Get PUblic Link bot comes in to picture, which creates a public link for any files. Public links can be downloaded by any high-speed downloader, like Internet download manager(IDM) or Advanced Download Manager(ADM).

Best telegram channels

It is straightforward to use, add Get Public Link bot to your telegram bot list. Select the larger file, which has to be downloaded and share into the Get Public Link bot channel. Wait for few seconds to this bot to create a downloadable link. It will create three types of downloadable links, select any of them based on your convenience. 

2. ViVi-MAXX

This channel is very popular for latest movie & TV series sharing. The most interesting about this channel is that it shares movies and TV series of all languages. Join this group from the below link and go into search box to search your favourite movie or TV series.

Join here: ViVi-MAXX

VIVI maxx
VIVI maxx

3. Science

It is an exciting channel which provides the latest science facts from all sectors of the world. For students and those who are interested in scientific facts, this is a must-have channel. It has over 70k subscribers; here, science facts are posted regularly — most of the link direct to the sciencealert.com.


Join here: Science

4. Memes

If you are a memes lover and always share memes on social media platforms or status, then this channel is for you. This channel is among one of the best memes channels with over 83k subscribers. Posts are worth your time, and you can scroll down to find memes from all genres.

Join here: Memes

memes telegram channel

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5. IndiaFreeStuff

It is one the best telegram channel which provides the latest steal deals from all eCommerce websites. Those who love online shopping and want a hefty discount then you must join this channel. They also run website India free stuff where you can get extra benefits by becoming its member. The website is old, but the chain is relatively new. I have ordered many items from this website and earned an excellent discount.

Join here: IndiaFreeStuff

india free stuff
IndiaFreeStuff channel
Best telegram channels
indiafreestuff.in website

6. GKToday

GKToday telegram channel is the subsidiary of the gktoday.in which is the best website for readymade current affairs, general knowledge etc. contents. This channel serves the same with many downloadable materials for reading offline. Here in this channel you can find all objesctives GK questions(daily & monthly), GK books, Dainik jagran magazing and even tips for examm preperation.

Join here: GKToday

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Best telegram channels

7. BooksThief

This is one of my best picks.As the name suggests, this channel provides all kinds of books to be downloaded freely. All books here are in .epub format, which a general ebook format. You need an ebook reader for this (like AI reader, download from below link).

The best way to search any book is to go to the search box and type the book name. 

Join here: BooksThief

AlReader -any text book reader
AlReader -any text book reader

Best telegram channels

Best telegram channels

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8. Poetry

It is excellent group of (for) poets who love to write and discuss hindu/urdu poetry/shayari. In this group anyone can post poetry/shayari and gets feedback. 

Join here: Poetry

Best telegram channels

9. Wallpapers

Join this channel for awesome wallpapers for smartphones/PC. This is one of the top HD wallpapers for all categories like forest, sea, sky, mountains, nature, rain, buildings, roads, etc. You can see the preview, and then you can download the original file later.  

Join here: Wallpapers

Best telegram channels

10. Planet earth

A heaven for nature lovers. Here good quality exotic location, animals, etc. pics are posted regularly. This is not a very popular channel, but they do post HD content with preview and original image like Wallpaper channel. This channel is growing day by day so don’t miss to check out this channel also.

Join here: Planet Earth

Wrapping up

So these are my top picks for best Telegram channels. Did i miss anything? If I missed anything or you have recommendations for any channel, please let me know in the comment section.

If you like this article, share everywhere possible so that everyone gets benefitted. Have a good day!!

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He is a tech enthusiast and love gaming. He lives two different lives, one as the Tech expert/Painter/Photographer and others as an engineer in OEM company. He is very simple and always ready to solve any query related to tech.


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