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Top 3 Best Ways to Use Voice Typing in Computer/laptop

When you want to write an extended essay or long story, then the first question comes in your mind that can’t I type by my voice. In the past, it was not possible, but it is possible now, and the accuracy of voice typing is remarkable. With the help of AI (artificial intelligence), they can learn and develop themselves to understand your voice more precisely. The multiple regional language support has drastically connected different generations. It has helped a lot in bridging the gap of the language barrier.

The concept of voice to text conversion or you can say voice typing is not a new one. But in recent years, due to the rise of smartphones, there are many virtual keyboards with voice typing support. The best of them is google voice typing. The way this technology has developed for smartphones, it hasn’t improved for Computers.

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The native Voice typing keyboard support is not yet available for many Operating Systems. Even if it is available, it is not active by default. Also, there are minimal alternatives to third-party software. But there are other ways to get a virtual keyboard with voice typing support. Below I have mentioned three concrete methods to use the keyboard with voice typing.

Note: If you are lazy enough to read the full article, then there is a video explanation for you (but only in Hindi).

#1 Using Microsoft Touch Keyboard

The Latest Windows 10 () has many hidden interactive features that you can use to get most out of it. If you don’t know the same windows, OS is made to work both on PC and Tablets, so some features are not used in the PC version, but they are kept hidden for the tablet version.
It is available in windows 10 only as far as I know. So make sure to update your windows to the latest version.

One of the features is a touch keyboard with voice typing support the same like google keyboard. All you have to do is to activate it from the taskbar menu.

Steps to activate voice typing keyboard

  • Update windows () to the latest version
  • Go to the taskbar and right click then select “Show Touch Keyboard Button”.

voice typing keyboard

  • Then a small keyboard icon () will appear after a few seconds, on the extreme right side of the taskbar beside date & time.
  • Now go to any text panel(like MSword, Notepad, etc.) and then click the touch keyboard icon.

voice typing keyboard

  • Now the keyboard screen will appear at the bottom.
  • Now click on the microphone icon () to start voice typing as you do in the smartphone keyboard.

voice typing keyboard

#2 Google Docs keyboard with voice typing

Google Docs () is an online document reader and editor with some of the unique features. It can also convert images into the text even the handwritten images in various Indian & foreign languages. But the feature which I am talking about now is the ability to act as a voice typing keyboard.

Steps to Activate Voice Typing in Google Docs

voice typing keyboard

  • Go to the Google Docs and open a blank document
  • Jump to the “Tools” tab
  • Scroll down and click on the “Voice typing”. 
  • You can also start voice typing by pressing the shortcut key Ctrl + Shift + S on the keyboard.
  • Now click on the microphone icon () and start speaking.
  • The default language selected is English(US) that can be changed by clicking the dropdown arrow () above the microphone icon().

The best part of this is that you can voice type in of the regional Indian Language and many foreign Languages with utmost accuracy.

#3 Using Dictation.io for Voice Typing

dictation.io is another website that is completely developed for dictation purposes only. The textbox comes on the basic notebook which looks kind of cool. The textbox has basic editing feature and like Google Docs it supports multiple languages.

Steps to Activate Voice Typing in Dictation.io

voice typing keyboard

  • Go to the dictation.io website.
  •  Click on the microphone icon () and allow permission if prompted.
  • Now again click the microphone icon and start speaking.
  • Whatever you speak will be converted into text and will be visible on the notepad.
  • The text can be copied and paste anywhere you want.

Final Words

Voice typing keyboard is not used frequently as far as computers/laptops are concerned. However, if you are using for some purpose then these are the must-have methods to apply. Did you like the article? What is your personal favorite? Let me know in the comment section below.

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