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Top 3 Websites to Download free Ebooks Online

Ebooks have become a daily part of our lives where the average person consumes 4-5 ebooks a month. Though hardcopy has its own importance, ebooks are more accessible and easily sharable all over the world. It is at your fingertips now, where every smartphone supports ebook reading. If you are an occasional reader then the Ebook is quite affordable. But if you are an avid reader then it might be a little costly.

Although I always recommend you to buy digital copies to support the writers but there are some way to get the ebooks for free. There are many websites that can lure you to download free ebooks but instead, they sell ads. Now you don’t have to worry, we have brought you some of the most trusted and resourceful websites to Download free Ebooks.

Websites to Download Free Ebooks

PDF Drive

PDF drive is one of the best websites which let you download free ebooks of all genre. On the top, you can see the search box to search any ebook. Almost all popular books are available here from their huge collection of 78,817,896 eBooks(as of today).

Download free Ebooks

You can download as many books as you want without any download speed limit. Before downloading any website you can actually preview the full book. This lets you download the book in multiple ebook formats such as PDF, EPUB, MOBI, and even can be sent directly to your kindle device.

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On the right side of the website, you can see the books have been beautifully arranged in different categories. You can also access PDF drive website through android app.

Download free Ebooks

PDF drive also offers premium service which gives you a better ad-free experience, unlimited cloud storage. Although with free service also you get unlimited downloads so premium service is an option which you can opt for if you like.

Electronic library(Z Library)

An electronic library is another website that offers free ebook & article download. They have a huge collection of more than 70 lakhs books and 80lakhs of the article collection. So not only books, you can search for any journal, article of your choice.

Download free Ebooks

To download any book you can search any keyword in the search box. The books can be downloaded in all rich ebook formats such as EPUB, PDF, MOBI, TXT, RTF & FB2. Also, books can be directly sent to kindle or associated email id.

You can also read & post reviews which is a good thing if you are looking for a good book to read.

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Library Genesis

This is a kind of platform where you get almost all kinds of digital reading materials from scientific articles, fiction, comics, standards & magazines. Here the download method is a little different where you have to search for the keyword. Once the results are shown go to the mirror section and click on any working link.

Download free Ebooks

They also have a huge collection but the interface is visually not that promising. You won’t see any images and the whole page will be filled with texts only.

Final words

The above three mentioned websites are by far the best source of free books. These all provide a huge collection of books and you can absolutely download free e-books. If you have any other good website which matches this standard then do let us know in the comment section below.

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