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Top 8 best automatic call recorder apps for Android | 2019

In today’s world maximum population own smartphone due to very low calling and data charges. There are some instances when legitimate call recording is required. Sometimes recording call is helpful to save the memorable conversation and sometimes as evidence. Whatever be the reason, but it is always good to have automatic recording apps handy in your smartphone. There are many call recording apps listed in the play store, but every app doesn’t have what you require. So here i have selected top 10 automatic call recording apps in play store.

Note: Call recording is illegal in some countries. So, before using these apps, make sure that you abide by your country rules.

Note: All apps are tested on android 9 so it might possible that some of the application won’t work on android 10.

Automatic call recorder app for android

It is very easy to get confused by the similar name of the apps. So go to the apps directly by the downloading links given. Here are the list of top 8 automatic call recording apps for android.

1. Automatic call recorder

2. Cube call recorder ACR

3. ACR Free

4. Call recorder-automatic call recorder

5. Truecaller

6. Call recorder

7. Smart call recorder

8. Automatic call recorder latest

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1. Automatic call recorder

Price: Free

It is one of the best call recorder for android and holds highest rating on playstore. Setup is very easy to do and you can prioritize which call to record. You can manage your recording files, listen to the recording, add notes and share it on various platforms like dropbox, google, skype, facebook, sms etc. There is an option to save on cloud storage, password protection available for privacy and files can be saved in various audio formats( mp3, wav, AMR etc).

Automatic Call Recorder
Automatic Call Recorder

2. CUBE call recorder ACR

Price: Free/In app purchase

Not all call recorder works well with VoIP calls, but CUBE call recorder does it perfectly. It works very well with Phone calls, Skype, Viber, Whatsapp, Hangouts, Facebook, IMO, KAKAO, LINE, Slack, Telegram and more coming soon. 

It can automatically record every call with an additional feature of including and excluding the specific contacts. The flexibility of automatic recording, manual recording and in between conversation recording is quite interesting. It also has inbuilt playback support and file explorer for properly managing audio files.

In-app purchases will extend its functionality to cloud storage, different audio formats, pin lock, save to SD, shake to mark, smart storage etc.

Call Recorder - Cube ACR
Call Recorder - Cube ACR
Developer: Cube Systems
Price: Free+

3. ACR Free

Price: Free with ads

It is entirely free but shows you annoying ads. Setup is straightforward and uses across different digital devices. The recording is automatic for each call with the option for a different name for each conversation. The call records can be found by searching the specific contacts. Audio files can be saved in the different audio formats(MP3, MP4, WAV, AMR or 3GPP).

You can opt for 44.1kHz (not compatible for some devices) for high quality, or you can switch to a low-quality recording. You can listen to the recording through device default audio player and simultaneously share audion on different social media platforms.

ACR Free
ACR Free
Developer: Technology Luster
Price: Free

4. Call recorder- Automatic call recorder

Price: Free/In app purchases

Automatic call recorder-ARC is a simple and smart auto telephone voice recorder & caller id app for all android phones like Android O, Samsung Note 8, S9 to quickly get pone recorded from both sides with clear voice anytime. 

You can manage recordings and share the recording to anyone via social apps. It supports various audio formats AMR, MP3, WAV, AAC and more formats are on the way. 

5. Truecaller

Price: In app purchase

Truecaller is a top-rated caller id application who has recently launched its in-app call recording feature. If you are already a truecaller customer, then you can use it. But this feature is only for paid users and comes with a premium plan. So you have to pay to use this service.

6. Call recorder

Price: Free

Blackbox Call Recorder is a professional call recorder which is a reliable tool for automatic call recording. It does give the flexibility to whitelist contacts, save to google drive and in-app audio playback. The audio files saved go to the directory and saved with contact names which are very easy to navigate. It also has a support for basic sharing via BlueTooth and social networks.

Call recorder
Call recorder
Developer: CRYOK SIA
Price: Free+

7. Smart Call Recorder

Price: Free

This is another free application with a rich feature only you have to bear with ads. This is a full solution for call recording, which records not only phone calls but also any sound. You can easily switch between a phone call to the standard recording. It holds a ton of features which is more than enough for a free app. It also supports different audio codecs and can be easily shared on cloud storage.

8. Automatic call recorder latest

Price: Free/In app purchases

It automatically records all incoming and outgoing calls in High Quality. The built in audio player let you play and edit audio files. It lets you record all calls/selected calls or ignore contacts entirely. Adding text during call is unique addon with this app. Recorded audio can be easily shared among friends.

Final words

Though there are many automatic call recorder apps available in the market, but the best one is what works best for you because some apps have a device compatibility issue which makes it work abnormally. 

Yet with all the abnormality, these are my best picks for automatic call recording app. If i missed some good apps, please let me know in the comment section, and i will update this article accordingly.

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