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Twitter adds close captions in voice tweets from today

Twitter has started rolling out close captions(CC) for voice tweets. The voice tweets from now on will automatically generate CC which can be accessed by tapping on the CC icon in the top-right corner of the voice tweet. Currently, this feature is supported for selected languages such as  English, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Arabic, Hindi, French, Indonesian, Korean, and Italian languages.

Once any voice tweet is posted, the AI will automatically generate the CC, and then tapping on the CC button will show captions on the tweet. Twitter also confirmed that captions will only appear on new voice tweets made after the introduction of this feature.

Twitter support made a public announcement on Twitter that they have implemented a transcription feature after looking into the feedback of users.

Twitter voice tweet feature was introduced in June 2020. As people make voice tweets in their own language and the fans r all across the world so many users requested to have the transcription feature. This is a great move by the Twitter team and we hope to get this feature on other social media sites.


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