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How to use Pixel Magic eraser for Non Pixel Devices

With its latest Pixel 6 series, Google introduced a nifty Magic Eraser tool in Google Photos to let users remove an unwanted object from images using artificial intelligence (AI) and digital re-drawing techniques. But what about those who don’t own Pixel devices. So keeping that in mind we have come up with an online tool that works exactly the same and is even better than Magic eraser on the pixel. This is a completely free web tool that works exactly the same and lets you remove any unwanted object from an image.

Use Pixel Magic eraser for Non-Pixel Devices

Dubbed as Cleanup.pictures, the web tool has been who developed clip drop and this is open-source under the Apache License 2.0. It uses LaMa, an open-source model from Samsung’s AI Lab to automatically redraw the areas that you select.

Cleanup.pictures is a web application that lets you clean photos with a quick & clean interface. The free version allows images up to 720p resolution while pro allows resolution up to 2K without compression.

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How to use Cleapup.pictures

Visit this website and then drag & drop any image to the green box. Once image is loaded you can start editing. The editing is very straight forward where you just have to paint on the areas which you want to remove.

magic eraser

You can adjust the brush size and start painting over the object which you want to remove. Once you have painted, it will automatically start processing and within a matter of seconds your image will come out clean and tidy.

And then you can easily download the edited image but in 720p resolution only. If you want to download it in the full version then you have to create an account and buy their paid plans. But out most of the works are done by free service only so this is the best.

Sample Images

I tried out the tool and found it to be pretty accurate. However, there are some residues of the removed objects that remain in the pictures after the removal process. But, it’s still amazing how you can easily remove objects from the image. You can check out the samples attached right below.

Magic eraser android

So, if you are looking for a tool to remove unwanted objects from your favorite images such as the photo bomber in your selfies, or a car that ruined a beautiful scenery image, you can use Cleanup.pictures right now from its official website. Furthermore, it’s an open-source product and you can find its resources on Github to use them in your projects.

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