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What are the uses of function keys in keyboard

Windows keyboard comes with built-in function keys which in most cases are ignored by users there are no real-time use cases. Most of the time PC manufacturers attach some additional function with these function keys such as Wi-Fi on/off, brightness control, volume control, etc. In such a keyboard, to use function keys, you may need to press another special key ‘fn’ (beside the Windows key), and then any function key. Apart from that, these function keys have especially designed functions that very few of us actually know. So, in this article, you will understand what are the uses of function keys in keyboard.

Use of function keys in keyboard

There are a total of 12 function keys in any standard keyboard which are F1, F2, F3, F4……F12. Let’s start with the first key.


  • Almost every program uses this key to open its Help and Support window. Just press the F1 button and you can see the help page loading. This is quite handy as you don’t have to search the support button in any application.
  • F1 + windows key shows up Windows Help and Support screen


  • F2 is the most famous key to rename any file and folder on Windows
  • Alt + Ctrl + F2 opens a document window in Microsoft Office
    Press Ctrl  + F2 to display a print preview window in Microsoft Office
  • Alt + F2 opens the ‘Save As’ window in Microsoft Excel
  • Shift + F2 can be used to add a comment box in Microsoft Excel


  • F3 has always been search box shortcut. You can simply press F3 to open a search box dialogue in almost every application, be it a browser or any software.
  • In MSDOS or windows command prompt, F3 repeats the last command
  • In Microsoft Word, Shift + F3 changes the text from upper case to lower case or all capital letters

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  • Alt + F4 is widely used to close the current program window. But there is more than that if you press A4 + F4 on your desktop screen it will open a power shutdown dialogue box. So it becomes quite handy to shut up your PC using alt + F4.
  • Ctrl  + F4 closes the active window within a current active window in Microsoft Windows
  • Opens address bar in Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer
  • Press F4 to repeat the last action performed in Microsoft Word


  • Almost in all modern internet browsers, pressing F5 refreshes or reloads the web page
  • Starts slide show on PowerPoint presentation
  • Opens Find and Replace window in Microsoft Word, GoTo window in Excel


  • Almost in all modern browsers, pressing F6 moves the cursor to the address bar
  • Ctrl + F6 toggles between various Microsoft Word documents


  • Press F7 to launch the Spelling and Grammar dialog box in the Microsoft Office program
  • Shift + F7  opens the Research window in Microsoft Office


  • Holding F8 during the Windows boot process enters into Windows Safe Mode
  • Pressing F8 displays a thumbnail image of all workspaces in Mac OS X


  • In many applications, it is used to send emails like Microsoft Outlook, Siebel CRM
  • Ctrl + F9 and Alt + F9 are used to build mail merge documents in Microsoft Word
  • If you are a programmer, you may have used F9 to compile and execute code in combination with Ctrl or Alt key


  • In many programs, Shift + F10 opens up the menu window, equivalent to right-clicking
  • Shows menu bar in Mozilla Firefox, an internet browser, or highlights the same in many programs


  • Is used to enter and exit from full-screen mode in all modern internet browsers
  • In Microsoft Excel, Shift + F11 adds a new sheet, Ctrl + F11 adds a new macro to the workbook
  • Pressing Alt + F11 in the MS Office program, invokes Microsoft Visual Basic window for that document


  • Opens the‘ Save As’ window in MS Office program
  • Shift + Ctrl + F12 open Print window in MS Office
  • Ctrl + F12 opens a document in MS Office
  • Opens and closes developer tools in most of the internet browsers

Final word

Now that you know the function of all function keys and what all you can achieve with the combination of Function key with all other keys on your keyboard. I hope you will get used to these shortcuts and hopefully utilize it for your productivity.

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