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How to Use WhatsApp on Multiple Devices

Whatsapp recently teased multidevice support and now they have started rolling out this feature as a beta tester. The new Whatsapp multidevice support lets you open Whatsapp on multiple devices without having to keep your phone connected to the internet. If you are someone who tends to use Whatsapp on multiple devices then read the below article. We will detail how to check if you have access to multi-device beta, how to enable and use WhatsApp on multiple devices.

Use WhatsApp on Multiple Devices (2021)

Whatsapp is gradually rolling out this multi-device beta support on all android and iOS devices. WhatsApp says that it “had to rethink” its architecture and design new systems to bring multi-device support to its final shape. Even if you are on Whatsapp beta build still you may not get this feature early. This feature is rolling out to limited users initially.

After your device is linked, your phone will no longer stay online to use Whatsapp on the web, desktop, or portal. There are up to 4 devices and 1 phone can be used at once.


  • You can’t message calls from web desktops or portals to users who have an outdated version of WhatsApp on their phones.
  • Performance and quality might be compromised.

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Steps to get Whatsapp multi-device Beta 

To get this feature early you need to be a Whatsapp beta tester which you can become easier. Go to this link and scroll down to join the beta program. The given link will open in the browser so, make sure that you are logged in using the same email id which you are using for the play store.

WhatsApp on Multiple Devices

Now, this beta tester will take some time and once you become a beta tester then you will find the update in the play store. As you open the playstore and search WhatsApp then you can see the WhatsApp Messenger (Beta) and below this message shows “You’re a beta tester of this app”.

Note: If the whatsapp beta tester slots are full then you will get error message so, don’t we have you covered. You can directly install the WhatsApp beta .apk file from this link and enjoy the multi-device support.

Download Whatsapp (Beta)

Now that you have become a WhatsApp Beta Tester, follow the below steps to get WhatsApp on multiple devices.

WhatsApp on Multiple Devices

Step 1: Open Whatsapp and tap three dots at the top right corner. From the list of options that pop up, tap on “Linked devices”.

WhatsApp on Multiple Devices

Step 2: If your device has received multi-device support, you will see a new “Multi-device beta” option here. Tap on the Multi-device beta and on the next page press on “JOIN BETA”.

Step 3: WhatsApp will now warn you that you will have to link your companion devices once again. Tap “Continue” to confirm your action. Now you have been enrolled to muti device beta program. You can always go back and unregister from beta if you change your mind.

WhatsApp on Multiple Devices

Step 4: Now go back and tap on the “LINK A DEVICE” option. Next open WhatsApp desktop or WhatsApp web on your device and scan the QR code through mobile. This is the one-time process for linking after that you can switch off mobile data and still be able to use WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp on Multiple Devices

Step 5: By following the above process you can link up to a total of four devices at a time. Here I have linked two devices one WhatsApp desktop and another WhatsApp web on Microsoft edge.

Note: Do keep in mind that these linked devices will get disconnected if you don’t use your phone for over 14 days.

WhatsApp on Multiple Devices

Step 6: If you no longer want to use WhatsApp on a specific device, you can tap on the target device from the Linked devices page and choose the “Log out” option. Alternatively, you can choose to log out from the device in question as well.

Final Word

The multi-device support is currently available for companion devices such as laptops and PCs. You won’t be able to use this multi-device support feature on two smartphones simultaneously. It is worth mentioning that this option is currently limited to beta users. The company is yet to release the stable version. So, we might have to wait for a while to receive the update for the same.

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