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Why should you get Telegram Premium?

Telegram premium is now real. After months of rumors and speculations telegram premium has paved its way and is expected to come in next month with full force. Telegram has announced that it will roll out a premium, subscription-based model for users who want to access some premium features provided by the platform. However, it is not mandatory to opt for a premium subscription as a free user you can still enjoy all benefits which are currently available.

Telegram company’s founder and CEO, Pavel Durov, has confirmed this feature gives the ability to unlock exclusive reaction emojis and premium stickers. Moreover, even users who don’t subscribe to Telegram Premium will be able to enjoy some of its benefits: for example, they will be able to view extra-large documents, media, and stickers sent by Premium users, or tap to add Premium reactions already pinned to a message to react in the same way.

Officially there has not been any announcement about the features we are going to receive in Telegram premium plans. But there are some leaked screenshots that give a sneak peek at some of the features. At the time being, Telegram Premium is exclusive to the iOS app, but it will likely expand to Android too once the wider rollout ensues.

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Telegram Premium Features

telegram premium

Doubled Limits: Extended functionality such as support for up to 1000 channels, 20 folders, 10pins, 20 public links, 4 accounts, and more.

4 GB Upload Size: Increased upload size from 2GB to 4GB per document.

Faster download speed: You are going to experience maximum bandwidth speed with which media and documents are downloaded.

Voice to text conversion: If you send any video automatic transcription facility will be available.

No Ads: you don’t see any ads in channels, groups or bots.

Unique reactions: The premium subscription lets you to add additional animated reactions on messages.

Premium Stickers: exclusively enlarged stickers feature in additional effects and are updated monthly.

Advanced chat management: Extra tools will be provided to set default folder for auto-archive and hide new chats.

Profile Badge: After a premium subscription, a premium badge will show that you are a helping support telegram.

telegram premium

Final Words: Telegram Premium

Telegram’s subscription plan looks similar to Discord’s paid offering, which gives users perks like custom animated emoji, additional personalization features, and bigger uploads.

As already mentioned Telegram has not disclosed features and premium subscription plan prices. However, we expect to hear more from the company about its new subscription program soon.

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