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windows 10 keyboard shortcut you Must Use in 2020

I have used Linux OS, iOS, etc. but Windows OS has always been my favorite. Even many of you guys must have been using windows from childhood times though it is often convenient to navigate through mouse rather than keyboard keys. But there are some instances where keyboard shortcuts can buy you a hell lot of time. Your efficiency in delivering any task will increase drastically if you have knowledge of right keyboard shortcuts.

Best Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcut to Try in 2020

You can actually play with your computer just by using keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts have always been part of Windows PC, and for each upgrade, new shortcut keys become part of windows. So in the below article, you will learn new Windows keyboard shortcuts specifically for windows 10.

List of Windows Keyboard Shortcut

1. Access Clipboard History

In many instances, you have copied something in the past and want to recover, but it was impossible to go back to the past copied history. Windows 10 has now brought this much-awaited feature. You can access up to 25 numbers of clipboard history, isn’t it amazing.

windows keyboard shortcut


Keyboard Shortcut :   Windows + V

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2. Emoji Keyboard

Windows uses the same version of OS for tablet and desktop, which ultimately adds extra features for tables, but it is not accessible normally. One of the feature being is the emoji keyboard, which is the demand of generation who spend most of their time on text chatting. Accessing this keyboard shortcut is very easy by typing the key combinations given below. And the best part is that the emoji keyboard is seamlessly integrated into the windows 10.

windows keyboard shortcut

Keyboard Shortcut : Windows + (.)

3. Connect Wireless Accessories

If you frequently connect and disconnect wireless accessories compatible with windows 10, then this shortcut is a lifesaver for you. Just press the below key combination, and you will be directed to the right-side panel for wireless management.
Keyboard Shortcut : Windows  + K

4. Take Screenshot

Windows + PrtSc is always handy to take a full screenshot, but if you want to take the screenshot of the specific area, then this shortcut is best for you. This setting is best for freeform screenshot also.

windows keyboard shortcut

Keyboard Shortcut : Windows + Shift + S

5. Open Action Center

If you want to check the notification panel quickly without using any mouse then this keyboard shortcut will help you.

Keyboard Shortcut : Windows + A

6. Call Cortana

If you are a fan of Cortana and frequently interacting with Cortana, then there is a shortcut key for this also. Nad, the best part is that the moment Cortana is triggered, it is ready to listen to the command.

Keyboard Shortcut : Windows + C

Note: This setting is not enabled by default. This setting can be turned on by going to Windows Settings Cortana Enable Keyboard Shortcut.

7. Open Windows Settings

Going into windows setting is an everyday task on windows PC. So if you want to jump to the windows setting menu quickly, then press the below key combination, and you are already in the setting menu.

Keyboard Shortcut : Windows + I

8. Record Gaming Session

With the boom of gaming in India, more and more people are recording gameplays & uploading to the video streaming websites. Windows also understand the need of the user, and in result, we have a dedicated setting for recording gaming session on windows 10 by the below key combination.

Keyboard Shortcut : Windows + Alt + R

9. Redo an Action

If you are looking to redo what you undid, there is this simple shortcut to restore your action. It’s quite handy when you are writing an article on a blog or editing something on word file.

Keyboard Shortcut : Ctrl + Y

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10. Reset Display Driver

This is a very handy setting when, for some unusual reason, your display freezes. Sometimes display reset themselves automatically, but sometimes it requires user intervention. Below key combination will reset your display driver; once your press all key at a time, the screen will blink, which confirms that the display driver is reset.

Keyboard Shortcut : Windows + Ctrl + Shift + B

Final Thoughts

All the above mentioned keyboard shortcuts are applicable to windows 10 only and are new to the latest version of Windows 10. And its always fun to operate PC by keyboard and we hope that these keyboard shortcuts will help you too. These keyboard shortcuts are my best, what are your best keyboard shortcuts ? Let me know in the comment box below or ping me on instagram/facebook.

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