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Xiaomi’s Mi has Launched Robot Vacuum-Mop-P in India at Rs. 17,999

Xiaomi has added another smart device under their collection which is Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop-P. It has been launched in India at Rs. 17,999 and is now available through Crowdfunding with a goal of 10,000 units in a month.

Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop-P

Equipped with an LDS laser navigation system and upgraded the SLAM algorithm for real-time mapping, faster speed, higher accuracy, and longer scanning range. The robot comes with a thoughtfully designed cleaning path for the sweeping + mopping mode created for Indian homes.

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It equipped with anti-collision, anti-drop and other high precision sensors for intelligent cleaning. With a powerful 2100Pa suction and high-end brushless motor, you can achieve thorough cleaning of dust and debris in no time. A powerful battery with capacity 3200mAh makes life way easier.

Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop-P

It comes with smart app control where you can control this by Mi Home app. With the help of the Mi Home app, you can control many features like remote control, real-time mapping, schedule cleaning, spot cleaning, etc. WiFi connectivity with 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n makes things seemingly fast.

The quad-core Cortex-A7 processor coupled with dual-core Mali 400 GPU helps in powerful and fast computing. This Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop-P can easily create a map and define the cleaning path. It divided the cleaning surface into different zones and remembers the cleaned and to be cleaned areas.

Considering its design, the dimension is 350mm X 350mm X 94.5mm which is weighing around 3.6kg and makes standard noise of ≤ 70DB. A single charge can run a device for 60-130 mins approximately.

Stats look quite promising but reality unravels only when it arrives at the real user which is not very soon. As of now, they are in the crowdfunding stage and the actual product shipping is expected form 15 Sep onwards. If you want the product at the current rate which is Rs. 17,999 after Rs. 7,000 discount then you must support crowdfunding.



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