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YouTube’s New Chapters Feature is Now Available for Everyone: Youtube Video Chapter

YouTube has released a new youtube video chapter feature for all its user on the desktop, phones, and tablets. If I am watching cooking videos or tutorials, chances are there that I just want to skip to the main content. Thankfully Youtube has now made it available through youtube video chapter.

Insight about Youtube’s Chapters Update

This feature will divide the original video into different parts which will show up alongside the scrubber bar as segments. I have tried this on my videos and the results are pretty consistent with very few abnormalities. The chapters, which soft-launched in early April, make it easy to skip to precisely where you want to go in a video, like a book. It’s not rocket science. It helps me get exactly where I want to go, then it gets out of the way.

On the desktop, a video with chapters won’t look all that different from how videos have always looked. In fact, the biggest change is barely noticeable: the bar used to show video progress will have little black breaks in it to indicate where each chapter ends and a new one begins. When you scrub over a section with your mouse, you’ll then see the title of the chapter it’s in.

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The same design applies to how chapters work on the phone and tablet app for Android and iOS. Though, on phones, YouTube had to account for the simple fact that your finger might get in the way of you seeing where the chapters are. To solve that, YouTube’s phone app will trigger a haptic buzz when you’ve arrived at the next chapter. On tablets or other mobile devices where haptic feedback isn’t available, the video progress bar will automatically snap to the beginning of a new chapter when you lift your finger off the screen. If you’re looking for a specific time marker while you scrub through the video, keep your finger on the screen, then move it below the progress bar without letting up to clearly see the time marker.

There is no limit on the number of chapters you can add to the youtube video but there is a catch that it won’t apply automatically. You have to add specific timestamps to create a youtube video chapter. Timestamps have to be added in the video description box.

Create a Youtube Video Chapter Using Timestamp 

Before creating a timestamp you have to keep in mind 3 important points:-

  1. The first timestamp starts from 00:00
  2. Minimum difference between each chapter must be greater than 10 sec
  3. Must add chapter name after the timestamp.

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Youtube video chapter

Now go to the video description and add a timestamp in the format hh:mm:ss followed by chapter name, for e.g. 00:00 Start.

You can add as many chapters as you want, there is practically no restriction on the number of chapters.

The rollout is still in the beta phase so sometimes you can experience irregularity but within a month everything will be stable.

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